personal trainer
personal trainer
  Introspective Fitness is the DMV's premiere corrective exercise consultant. We are based out of Bethesda, MD and service the entire Montgomery County region as well as DC & Northern VA. Most fitness consultant will never touch upon the corrective aspects of training, and therefore you will never reach your full potential. We have worked with world-class athletes and we apply the same principles to MMA fighters as we do for our elderly clients. Quite simply, it works!

Owner Brian Ertzinger has made two appearances on the Fox 5 Morning News in Washington, DC. His first appearance was in relation to a Congressional inquiry into health supplements (think Hydroxycut for example) while his most recent live appearance dealt with how one can effectively exercise their abdominal muscles.


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Although you can lose weight on nutritionally unsound diets, you do so at the risk of your health and even your life. Ask your doctor!
Never skip meals! You must have some kind of nourishment regularly or your body's starvation defenses will kick in, which will lower your metabolism and increase storage of fat. Our fitness trainers will guide you throughhow to set up a proper eating schedule.
Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels!
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